About Inspired by RJ

People ask me, "Who is RJ?" RJ is a rescued Mustang that a friend adopted and moved to her farm with her many horses. I'm not sure what came over me but he touched my heart and in some ways reminds me of me. Among the horses he share his home with he is not the most graceful or stunning, but his movement just stirs me. It's strong, bold and fearless. He makes himself be noticed by being himself.

This is why I am inspired. We all have a niche in life. He has his and I have found mine. He helped me to understand that we all have something to offer. Photography has been an on and off interest for me for many years and several years ago, I picked up a camera again and now it goes every where I go.

Horses are a wonderful subject to capture and when you add a human to the mix and the whole story changes. From Dressage,to trail riding, to barrel racing, the combination of the animal and human is just a photogenic opportunity that I can't pass up.

I get so worked up watching the motion of these wonderful animals through a lens and capturing it to share with others and at the same time, offering something just a little bit different than the standard "event shot".

Deborah Martin, a friend and mentor (RJ's caretaker) has helped every step of the way from offering her farm and horses to shoot thousands of pictures of, being a critic when I needed it, making suggestions that I wouldn't even have though of and for just being there.

This adventure could not take off without my best friend, my husband. He is my biggest supporter and my backbone and said "Go for it. It's time." Our time together has been shortened but when i get home the first question asked is "Did you get some good pictures?"

So enjoy my adventure because I will enjoy capturing yours.

Thanks RJ for my inspiration....

In a very short time I have met a few people that deserve my thanks for their support. Laura Swain for her enthusiasm, Jana Barcus for her thoughts and suggestions and to Kate (Wild-WestWebs) for this wonderful Web site.















inspired by rj