Copyright and Permission for Use Information

I am pleased that people like my work and want to share these photos with friends, family and others. I do, however have an obligation to protect my business, and it’s my responsibility to contact folks that use my images in print, or electronically, without making arrangements with first.

Unfortunately, it’s just a part of the business of being a photographer, and hopefully you can understand the need for me to do this.

With regard to the watermarked images on this site. Thee images, as I am sure you know, are copyrighted by the photographer and may not be used without permission from the copyright owner – Stephanie Batman, owner of

Having said that, we are very happy that you like our work well enough to share.

In order to share and use any photos on this site, here are the requirements.

1) You must purchase the photo from the site and you must give us a photo credit and a link to our website and you can use the watermarked images on your site. For facebook members, you can purchase a screen resolution copy for only $2.00 and the product will be emailed to you.

2) The more flexible action to consider is to order electronic images from us at a very reasonable cost of $35 per image. For this small fee, you get a non-watermarked, hi res, copyright released, unrestricted image that is yours to use as you see fit. You can use it in print, online, in advertising, etc. No limits as to what you can do – scale it up, modify, scale down, reproduce it, etc. This is a small investment to purchase a very flexible piece of media. In order to purchase your non-watermarked copy, please contact

















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