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I love shooting your photos at the events and I love the fact that everyone is proud of their photos; However, if they are not provided by InspiredByRJ.com on Facebook, please do not copy them.
Any photos on this site, InspiredByRJ.com are for PURCHASE only. I offer both printed photos AND an inexpensive digital version for Facebook/ internet use and will feature only a small copyright watermark.

If you see photos with the InspiredByRJ.com logo watermark, they have been taken from my site and not purchased. Please don't force me to stop posting photos. My only payment for countless hours at an event, travel time, and even more hours behind the computer, are by your purchase of these images. I enjoy watching all of you improve and grow and to be able to offer these to you.

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IF you are looking for photos OLDER than what are in these galleries, please contact me by email. 
I keep old files and can assist you with that on a one-on-one basis.

There are many pictures on this website and they are copyrighted by Stephanie Batman, Owner of Inspried by RJ.
If you are interested in a print, all you need to do is contact this website to order. Theft off of the internet is against the law. Please be courteous and abide by the law. Remember, you may not recopy, scan reproduce, screenshot or duplicate for any reason. They are not to be used for "sale" ads or website (to include social media websites such are facebook, mySpace, etc.) without written permission. If theywere to appear , I wll be forced to invoice you for commercial use. This bill will be three times the amount if they had been purchased originally. Thank you, Stephanie Batman
















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